In 1956 Daniel Taillet planted his first meunier vines close to Montigny, in the heart of the Marne Valley, on a vineyard called 'le Bois de Binson'. Today his son Eric, who took over the maison in 1995, works this wonderful lieu-dit.

Eric Taillet is a great fan of meunier, the grape variety that thrives in the Marne valley. Meunier is planted on over 80% of his 5.5 hectares of vineyards close to Baslieux-sous-Châtillon. He is the founder of the Meunier Institute which aims to promote the grape variety that, in Champagne, is often a bit overshadowed by chardonnay and pinot noir. 

In his vineyards the champagne maker, who produces around 55.000 bottles on a yearly base, avoids chemical pesticides and encourages the growth of cover crop between the vines. Behind the maison Taillet recently planted hundreds of beech hedges to encourage biodiversity in his vineyards.

Eric Taillet is a perfectionist with an experimental streak. In cellar he is working on projects containing grape varieties pinot gris and petit meslier. At first we loved the fruity accessibility of his wines: now, the champagnes seem to gain exciting expressiveness with every new year. 

Dry, enjoyable and full of character: the Taillet champagnes are a delight to drink both as an aperitif and a food partner on the dinner table.

Exlusiv'T brut (D-2022)
Exlusiv'T extra brut (D-2022)


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Vintage 2017 Bansionensi
Vendor:Eric Taillet


Exlusiv'T extra brut d-2021
Sur le Grand Marais (D-2021)
Le Bois de Binson 14.16


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Exlusiv'T brut d-2021
Le Bois de Binson 17.18
Vintage 2018 Rosae Bansionensi
Exlusiv'T brut demi (0,375 liter)