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"Marked by their incredible finesse, and mouth blown in the purest tradition of the master glassmakers of Bohemia, Sydonios wine glasses marry oenological precision with feather lightness."

L'Atelier du Champagne is proud to present you the perfect glassware, designed to enjoy champagne or wine, with authentic style and pleasure. 

Sydonios glassware is made in France, with the ancestral method of mouth-blowing. The brand is closely working with about 100 wine experts, to ensure you the best drinking experience.

Come by our store and discover the incredible Sydonios range, with different glasses made to enjoy with different champagnes. Our team would be delighted to help find the one!


Decanter La Subtile
Decanter l'Esthète 1500ml


Champagne glassware

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Decanter l'Universel 1400ml
Septentrional - set of 6 glasses
Septentrional - set of 2 glasses
Meridional - set of 6 glasses
Meridional - set of 2 glasses


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Empreinte - set of 6 glasses
Empreinte - set of 2 glasses
Subtil - set of 6 glasses
Subtil - set of 2 glasses
L'Esthete - set of 6 glasses
L'Esthete - set of 2 glasses
L'Universel - set of 6 glasses