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Historically Champagne is a wine region of brands: large domaines both with vineyards in their possession, and contracts with grape growers or 'vignerons' who sell off their fruit. In practice this allows them to blend grapes from different parts of the region into a recognizable house style. Based on the label, any champagne lover will know exactly what is in the bottle, because the champagne will taste the same every year. 

Many of the now famous 'grandes marques' have a long history, some of them were founded almost three centuries ago. In those years their cellar masters have experienced great technical changes, like how to handle the pressure in the bottles. By creating fans among French monarchs and Russian tsars, the maisons have made champagne into a globally cherished festive drink.

Special Cuvée

Special Cuvée

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Collection 244



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Veel van de 'grandes marques' die nu wereldberoemd zijn hebben een lange geschiedenis, sommige bestaan al bijna driehonderd jaar. In die tijd hebben hun keldermeesters grote technische veranderingen meegemaakt, zoals het beheersen van de druk in de flessen. Het zijn ook de maisons die liefhebbers kregen onder Franse monarchen en Russische tsaren. Zij hebben van champagne een wereldwijd gekoesterde feestdrank gemaakt.