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When Émilien Feneuil took over the family business in 2006, conventional farming was the norm. Then he became interested in organic and biodynamic agricultural practices. Nowadays Feneuil has organic certification, produces his own preparations and encourages biodiversity wherever he can. He pushes the boundaries further than most would do: in his vineyards you will see nut- and fruit trees grow. 

On his almost 2.5 hectares of vineyards around Sermiers, in Montage de Reims, meunier is the number one grape. In addition to that, chardonnay and meunier are planted, plus a grape variety that you hardly see in Champagne: petit meslier. Previously Feneuil would buy off his fruit, only in 2015 did he start the production of champagne. First in the cellars of champagne maker friends, for vintage 2020 he bought his first press. 

In cellar the must is allowed spontaneous fermentation, and the wines rest in barrel for about a year before being bottled for the second fermentation. Low sulfites, low dosage: Feneuil makes fascinating, expressive champagnes. He also produces still wines, côteaux champenois. 

Taste the Feneuil wines the way they were produced: quietly and with patience.



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