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Are you looking for champagne from a house known for their high quality? A champagne for special moments or a perfect gift for the enthusiast? Then a Krug champagne is the perfect choice. Krug champagne is a luxurious and prestigious champagne with an elegant and refined taste. At L'atelier du Champagne we have a beautiful collection of Krug champagnes from which you can choose. All champagnes in the range are of high quality and consist of beautiful blends. Do you have something to celebrate or are you looking for a nice gift? Then choose a Krug champagne at L'atelier du Champagne!


About Krug

Krug champagne was founded by Johan-Joseph Krug in 1843. He started with a relatively small champagne house in Reims with some modest cellars around the place where the Krug family lived and still lives to this day. The Krug family still makes the wines, but in 1999 the wine estate was taken over by the Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy holding company. Broadly speaking, the Krug family still determines the course of events. Champagne has no fixed formula, but the taste has been passed on from generation to generation. On average, Krug champagnes are aged for about 6 to 8 years in the Krug family cellars and therefore acquire a refined taste.

Our selection

Krug Grande cuvée

The Krug Grande Cuvée is the most prestigious champagne from the Krug house. This champagne is produced again every year with masterful blends of wines from different vintages. The blend consists of pinot noir, chardonnay and meunier. This blend creates a unique flavor palette with delicious aromas, giving the champagne its intense character. The Krug Grande Cuvée comes in different editions that refer to a specifically produced Grande Cuvée champagne. The champagne goes well with culinary dishes with, for example, truffle, white meat and shellfish. At L'atelier de Champagne we have various editions of the Krug Grande Cuvée in our range.

Krug rosé

Krug also has a delicious Rosé variant. It is a delicious champagne with a rare elegance. In the aftertaste you taste honey, citrus and dried fruit. This champagne is delicious as an aperitif but also as an alternative to red wine at a dinner. Krug Rosé has aromas of wild berries, ginger and pepper and therefore goes well with savory and/or spicy dishes. Initially, the Krug house did not intend to produce a rosé. Ultimately, the rosé did get off the ground and is the only cuvée that consists of three grape varieties with a wide selection of vintages. At L'atelier du Champagne we have a nice range of Krug Rosé champagnes from which you can choose.

Krug vintage

The Krug Vintage champagnes are specially made champagnes from a blend from a single year. The blend consists of the most expressive wines and therefore creates a champagne with a very pronounced character. Krug vintage champagnes stay in Krug's cellars for at least 10 years for the best maturation process and the collection consists only of the best wines. At L'atelier du Champagne we have selected a beautiful collection of vintage champagnes for our range. For a unique taste experience, choose the Krug Vintage champagnes at L'atelier du Champagne.

Krug ID

Did you know that from 2012 you can read the unique story behind a Krug champagne? You can read the story through a 6-digit code on the label on the back of each bottle. You can enter the code in the specially developed Krug App or you can go to When you enter the code you get access to the history of the specific bottle and you also get a music suggestion that goes well with the champagne. This way you know exactly how the bottle was created! Once you have access, Julie Cavil will take you through the champagne production process. The Krug ID is also useful as a reference if you want to keep the champagne for a long time!

Krug as a present

Would you like to give this exclusive champagne as a gift? At L'atelier du Champagne we have a beautiful collection of Krug champagnes with gift packaging. It is a unique gift for a beautiful occasion. You will certainly make a champagne lover happy with a Krug champagne as a gift! The champagne you want to give comes in a luxurious gift box in which you can easily store the champagne to enjoy it at different times. Order your Krug champagne as a gift easily online at L'atelier du Champagne!

Grande Cuvée - Editie 171
Grande Cuvee Edition 169


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