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Why is Champagne Delicious with Everything?

Part 1 - ACIDITY

From a simple slice of pizza, fancy caviar, Chinese dishes full of exotic spices, pasta in creamy Carbonara sauce & fresh sushi to burgers with French fries - a glass of Champagne is delicious with everything. But why is that?

As much as I love to stuff my face with good food & nice Champagne, my mind also loves to think & investigate reasons, so here's Part 1 & its ACIDITY.

Located in the northern part of France, the Champagne region has a cool climate where grapes are challenged to achieve sugar level & ripeness (although things are shifting with climate change, which leads to the production of Coteaux Champenois). 

This geographical location, combined with the climatic conditions, results in high acidity wines with a low alcohol level of around 12%, making the wines of Champagne clean, crisp & fresh in style.

Another unique factor contributing to its freshness is the region's chalky soils. High in Calcium, chalk helps grape vines develop grapes with a delicate balance of ripeness, aroma & acidity.

Like a squeeze of lemon or a splash of vinegar, Champagne’s lively freshness brings out flavors in a wide range of raw & cooked seafood like oysters, sushi, smoked salmon & seafood pasta. The acidity also beautifully cuts the oil & fat of fried foods such as fried calamari, Japanese tempura, fish & chip & fried chicken.

As the weather gets warmer, a glass of Champagne with good acidity is also as refreshing as freshly made lemonade as an aperitif to wake up the palate, senses & stomach & it says « Let's Go » to make a nice meal extra special.

My mouth is dreaming & fantasizing about all the delicious combinations, so maybe it's time to grab a bottle & head to the ocean with take-out fried seafood. I hope you discover the magic of acidity in Champagne to let the adventure begin for your next bite with the next sip & have fun with them. Bon appétit!

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