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Coteaux Champenois is a French wine name for still wines from the Champagne region in France. Unlike the more famous sparkling wines of Champagne , Coteaux Champenois wines are made from the same grapes, but are fermented to produce still wines instead of using carbon dioxide to produce bubbles.

Coteaux Champenois wines can be made primarily from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, the same grape varieties used in Champagne. However, Coteaux Champenois wines are usually made from one grape

type and mature longer in oak barrels than Champagne. This results in a richer and more complex wine with a more pronounced character.

Coteaux Champenois wines are relatively rare and produced in small quantities, making them more expensive than many other still wines. They are also highly regarded by wine connoisseurs and considered one of France's best still wines.

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